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ERP Software An integrated enterprise system is a necessity for sustained growth and development, while keeping your organization competitive. Increasing the quality and visibility of business information is the key to increased customer satisfaction and improving your bottomline.

The alternative, disconnected “islands of information” waste your company’s time, energy, money and contribute to poor decision making. Sanpad, ERP software company headquartered in New Delhi (India) has developed Intact ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) that helps manufacturers and traders from small businesses to mid-size enterprise see business transactions more clearly. This development delivers new customised ERP software solutions, as also inventory management systems and other development applications services. Integration of Data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations and services to a strategic decision-making level. Insight into production, inventory management, services and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions and the Intact ERP Solutions interface puts all of this at your fingertips, with Intact ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) customised software solutions, delivering business information when and where you want it.

ERP Software Benefits
* Facilitates informed decision making
* Cost saving solutions through organized business processes
* Integrates business processes facilitating better control
* ERP improves the work flow and information flow in the organization
* Introduces transparency in activities
* Improves speed & efficiency in functions leading to improved customer service & customer satisfaction
* Facilitates co-ordination of activities between different departments
* Provides quality communication channels leverage
* IT Infrastructure and information assets
* Gives a competitive edge

CRM Software

A Customer Relationship Management tool, Cloud CRM Software is a comprehensive solution that enables an organization in development by maintaining the data of the customers most efficiently while capturing all pre sale and post sale force interactions of the customer. INTACT CRM Software comprises of a comprehensive functionality that caters to all enterprise requirements for retaining customer support and loyalty, leveraging on the following capabilities for an effective customer management:

* Sales Force Automation
* Contact Center Management
* Campaign Management
* Service Support Management
* AMC Management
* Asset Management
* Work Shop Management
* Loyalty Program
* IT Infrastructure and information assets
* Gives a competitive edge

Sales Force Automation

In today's competitive business scenario, sales and sales force are the key drivers of a company's growth and future prospects. Sales force automation software solutions invigorate the sales processes and enable the sales personnel to stay a step ahead of the nearest competitor in bagging more clients. Sales force automation software system is programmed by our software experts to help your salespeople in carrying useful information regarding customers, outstanding orders, details of the stocks and their availability, and all the other relevant data including latest trends in the market. Sales force automation software system triggers the entire sales cycle of your business by expediting the arms of your personnel. Automation of daily tasks, record keeping, input of client orders and contracts, sales history and sales forecasting are the few benefits of installing sales force automation software system. The sales staff can regularly update the management about the outcome of every sales call and provide timely information. The company gains competitive advantage by creating products and services surpassing the prevailing quality through usage of valuable information.

Lead Management Module:
Lead management module effectively manages and strengthens the leads and turns them into potential clients. You are able to identify the right prospects and establish a purposeful dialogue as the first step. The system software also enables you to ask the right queries and kickstart conversations to fill up the time span required to reach the closing phase.

Opportunity Management:
The opportunity management feature can enhance the ability to win more leads and determine records and analyze sales lead opportunities.
Apart from tracking quotes, the feature is empowered to track the complete sales process from beginning to end, right from gaining and qualifying the lead to actually winning the bid. Opportunity management makes your sales force manage opportunities during the sales cycle increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

Activity Management:
The activity management feature helps you keep the record of current and past activities concerning an account. You can document the details of the activities and results. The other team members get complete information about the activities regarding sales, marketing and handling of customers.

Task Management:
Task management tool enables you to store all tasks under categories with a parallel priority list. Scheduling, modifying, managing deadlines, reminding and finishing the tasks on time helps you organize and integrate the sales cycle processes better. Different tasks may be delegated to different personnel and this in turn makes their management easier.

Quotation Module:
The quotation module feature enables you create quotation and its revision. Your sales team gets help in maintaining a reliable quotation and increase productivity with up to date quotations. The sales manager is able to control the sales team effectively.

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